Nina Blackwood’s Absolutely 80s is a 3-hour weekly radio show that transports its audience back to the 1980s. No one knows the ’80s like original MTV VJ Nina Blackwood. She helped set the musical tastes and trends that are being celebrated today. Now you can treat your listeners to her expertise and enthusiasm.

The show’s features, such as The ’80s Game, When Did That Happen, The Rock Vault, The One Hit Wonder and The Total Recall Top 5 satisfy the audience’s curiosity for trivia about ’80s memories, styles and events.

Whether you play a full-time format of “All ’80s All the Time” or if you just play ’80s hits to claim a specialty position at night or on weekends, the natural programming choices are Nina Blackwood’s Absolutely ’80s and the daily companion Absolutely ’80s Spotlights.

The daily Absolutely ’80s Spotlights provide a daily (Mon.-Fri.) dose to match the 3-hour weekend show.

The weekly show is 3 hours per week and the five daily 90-second Spotlights per week are for Monday-Friday

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