24/7 News Source is a Wire Service that provides text updates in categories including news, weather, sports, entertainment and health, plus music format-specific updates and ShowPrep.

Affiliates receive more than 1,000 audio cuts each day in the categories of News, Sports, Entertainment and Show Prep. Affiliates also receive audio from locker rooms and clubhouses of every major sporting event, both home and away, so that stations and listeners can follow the home team no matter where it is playing.

When major news breaks anywhere in the world, extended coverage is frequently offered of news conferences, along with live updates and anchored reports on stories of significant interest.

24/7 News Network distributes “ready for broadcast” text and audio over a variety of distribution platforms including proprietary software, a password protected website and the ability to integrate our content through any existing newsroom computer system.

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For more information contact:
Jennifer Morrison, Affiliate Relations & Content Director
O: 416-384-6281
C: 416-702-5432

Heather Edwards, Affiliate Relations