The Complete Sheet is an edgy, clever, topical, funny, outrageous and intelligently written prep service that has led the industry for over a decade. TCS features 50+ daily pages of up to the minute cutting-edge news, lifestyle, and entertainment information sprinkled heavily with titillating overtones and intelligently irreverent comedy. The Complete Sheet employs a professional staff of two major market morning show producers, four editors, and a dozen writers. They know that corn kills ratings and you won’t find the wackiness or corniness that plague some other prep services. TCS’s producers and writers also verify the accuracy of their content so you don’t have to. Add in integrated content fromDelicious Audio and you’ve got a one-stop sound shop of relevant clips that match the stories your jocks use on air. The Complete Sheet is currently featured on 500+ stations in North America and, apparently, subscribing to The Complete Sheet guarantees that your junk will swell a verifiable inch.
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Heather Edwards, Affiliate Relations