The Angry Kids are a team of superheroes with superhuman abilities and strength, who also happen to be exceptional dance hit remix artists as well. The chart-topping duo mixes fully authorized appearances from internationally recognized artists, with original material and legitimate sample-based composing to create knockout hit after hit; from Eva Avila to Nick Kershaw, Bob Marley to Lights, and beyond!

The SuperMix with The Angry Kids

Every week The Angry Kids bring you 4 hours of the best in dance, club, Top 40 and the hits of tomorrow with their own unique twist.  All of the productions contained in the program are original, and are available nowhere else- aside from YOUR STATION.  Each hour is split into segments of 20, 14, & 14 minutes, and the show is delivered airplay ready with station branding produced directly into the show (imaging to be provided by station).

DEMO: The Angry Kids HIT FIX


All of the above are delivered with:

  • Complete log sheets detailing the length of each track, and time available for jock talk.
  • Fully customized with relative station ids/sweepers.
For more information contact:
Jennifer Morrison, Affiliate Relations & Content Director
O: 416-384-6281
C: 416-702-5432

Heather Edwards, Affiliate Relations