SPLAT! is smart radio imaging, designed for ease of use, maximum versatility and optimum sonic impact. SPLAT! is fast, focused and flexible. The online data base contains 10’s of thousands of imaging essentials such as pre-produced sweepers, promo shells, branded song intros, production FX, artist ID’s, listener voices, music beds, and more—including PPM friendly elements. But it doesn’t stop there, we update our database constantly to supply users with imaging that is always fresh and always on point. Plus we back everything with the best customer service in the biz. With eight radio formats to choose from, SPLAT! provides radio stations with everything needed to create attention-grabbing imaging, allowing them to enhance their brand and create a unique, identifiable station sound.

For additional format demos and more information please visit: www.splatonline.com
For more information contact:
Jennifer Morrison, Affiliate Relations & Content Director
O: 416-384-6281
C: 416-702-5432

Heather Edwards, Affiliate Relations