CT40 brings together the most popular Country songs of the week with interviews and news features that focus on the artists and their own stories.


Troop Salute

Tapping into the power of country music with this special segment, Fitz takes a moment each week to salute our troops and honor our veterans including CT40’s loyal fans, staff members and legendary former host, Bob Kingsley.

Fierce Female

With this uplifting segment, Fitz ties female-driven songs to heartwarming stories of incredible things women are doing for the world.

Music With Memories

Ever hear a song that takes you back to a certain memory or point in time? In Music with Memories, Fitz highlights listeners’ personal stories that are tied to their favorite country songs, bringing warmth and humor to the airwaves.

Fast Rising Song of the Week

Each week, fans can hear the latest and greatest in country music as Fitz highlights a song that has quickly raced up the charts, keeping listeners in the loop on the biggest hits.

Double Shot of the Week

This segment mixes the old with the new, with Fitz playing artists’ past chart-toppers along with their latest song on the CT40 countdown.

The Good Stuff

Who doesn’t love a feel-good story? The Good Stuff with Fitz shares a positive news story or anecdote and ties it into an uplifting country tune.

Trucker Tune

Fitz brings his listeners together, no matter where they are. With Trucker Tune, those out on the road can write to Fitz requesting songs or sharing experiences with a shot of being heard on the air, to help audiences feel united.


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