Futuri AudioAI is a huge step in the evolution of audio.

The World’s First 100% AI-Driven Local Content System.

You can use Futuri AudioAI for service elements, production, or as an AI DJ in a single daypart or in every daypart to augment or even upgrade your current programming. The choice is yours.

Automatically generate podcasts, production, and imaging.


With the power of AI, you’ll be live, local and up-to-date 24/7.

  • Broadcast up-to-the-minute weather and provide your audience with the latest trending news and information 24/7 using AI.
  • Real-time local AI voices use data-driven insights to provide accurate weather reports for your market.
  • Cover the content your audience cares about in your local market right now and always stay relevant.

Any daypart will be “live” with engaging, informative AI DJs.

  • With AI DJs, your station will sound fresher, more immediate, and more local than ever. It will always be “live”. For less than you’re spending right now.
  • AI DJs can be customized to sound live and local, right down to local dialects whether Texas, Boston, or the Midwest.
  • Voice cloning available to capture your local dialect, voice tone and pitch.
  • Futuri AudioAI can provide full air shifts in any daypart, keeping your station up-to-date and live for your listeners.
  • Goodbye to stale voice tracks. Our AI DJs can ID the song, talk about the artist and the music, and even promote local concerts and contests.


  • Futuri AudioAI creates imaging voices for production, customized to your needs. Your station will sound exactly the way you want it to.
  • Select a voice from the Voice Choice Library or clone your own to add to your station’s library of AI voices.
  • Customize any script with the voice of your choice, tailored to specific promotions or contests.
  • Create imaginative and original imaging and choose the right voice to help your station stand out.

Easily create spec spots or liners

Make production more efficient using amazingly lifelike AI clones of your station’s talent.


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