Rick Dees is a true icon in radio and pop culture, the embodiment of “Classic Hits”. In addition to writing the multiplatinum song “Disco Duck” and the title track for the cinematic tour-de-force known as “Meatballs”, Rick Dees also pioneered the Weekly Top40 Countdown premise which has been the template for Ryan Seacrest’s initial radio success.

Ideally designed for afternoons, the “Dees Daily” is a voice-tracked, five-hour daily (Monday through Friday) delivered via an FTP site. Stations flow their own music through the show with Rick providing customized song sells, liners and all other voiced station branding you’d require. The show is designed with three commercial breaks per hour and for 12 songs but the structure of the voice tracking means that stations can program to fit any specific clock.

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Heather Edwards, Affiliate Relations