Modern country branding that’s loaded with musicality and drenched in that new Nashville style.

Rockin’ and ready to roll production that embodies today’s country music and connects with the next breed of country listeners. Just add your station name and you are good to go!


Fully produced top of hours, rejoins, positioners and branding statements in musical form. This is the core of the service. Really cooly singy stuff that makes your station sound larger than life! Guaranteed to stand out to your audience and stun your competition!

Adlibs, vocal riffs, and spoken stuff saying station monikers, slogans and more!

Fully produced and mixed out branding elements with example VO, including Melody Sharp, voice of WSIX and The Bobby Bones Show. Includes plenty of promotional imaging consistent with the BBS Network branding and perfect to use throughout the day to showcase and promote the show.

15-30 second long instrumentals. Great for keeping your promos and talk beds sounding relevant and sonically in tune with what’s coming out of Nashville.

Hits, wipes, stagers and brand enhancing SFX. A nice hybrid of organic sounds plucked from Nashville recording sessions fused with cutting edge sound design.

Loaded Country is an ongoing series of customizable, singer and voice actor performed on-air imaging pieces, all produced in a musical fashion so that everything from a short hit to a full blown jingle blends in with your playlist perfectly. Delivered to radio stations fully produced and ready-for-air.

For more information contact:
Heather Edwards, Affiliate Relations